Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bed Rest Survival Tips

Twenty-five days on bed rest and I sure hope I've learned something. With twenty-three days to go, I think I've got a few good ideas for how to make it through to the end.

First: Location, location, location!
  • If your doctor will let you sit up or be reclined instead of totally flat in bed, establish your spot. I moved my glider rocking chair from Frances' room to the living room close to the kitchen so that I can see almost all the traffic around my house. If Frances is playing in her room, I can see and hear her, if someone is visiting I don't have to move for them to visit with me, and if there's something happening in the kitchen then I'm far enough away to be too tempted to interfere and close enough to talk to whoever is in there.
Second:  Get ready for the day
  • You're pregnant and on bed rest and so there's definitely a lowered standard, but doing a few things every morning makes a big difference. Brush and style your hair. Two words: dry shampoo. I'm only supposed to shower a couple times a week, so yeah. 
  • Get out of your pajamas. Yoga pants are fine, just don't spend the day wallowing in the same clothes you woke up in.
  • Do your face. That way when people come over you look reasonably put together and they'll actually believe you when you tell them you're doing well.
Third: Find some projects to keep you busy
  • A few things you can do where you are can eat up a lot of time. I've made some stick horses, a quilt, a Boppy pillow cover, a changing table cover, painted some blocks to decorate my basement bathroom, written a bunch of blog posts (as you know), and read a few books. The days that I spend just vegging on the computer are the worst. It's really not a pick me up sort of thing to do.
Fourth: Invite people over
  • This has been really nice for Frances. When people come over she gets excited to spend time with their kids and it can be nice to just talk to someone. This is also a good motivation for getting ready for the day. I find that after people leave I feel more energized and optimistic for the rest of the day.
Fifth: Pick your outings wisely
  • I have a weekly doctors appointment and on those days I find one other thing I want to do while I'm out. This helps break up the weeks and reminds me that the world is still turning outside my living room.
  • On Saturday I had to choose between a church party and going to a show jumping competition. I knew that I would be very tempted at the party to get up and socialize more than I should, but at the show jumping I knew I would just sit and enjoy the event. It was really fun and I definitely enjoyed myself.
Bed rest isn't exactly a walk in the park, but there are certainly worse things that could happen to a person. I've really found that planning and having things to look forward to makes the time go by faster and helps me to not give in to my boredom and break the rules.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Due Date

Today marks three weeks from when I went into labor and I cannot believe that I am still pregnant! This is really a miracle and I am so grateful for everyone who has been thinking of me, praying for me and my family, and helping us make this happen.

I honestly have been spending about 95 percent of my time sitting in my glider rocking chair reading, watching Netflix, eating, or talking to the random visitors who come by. There is absolutely no way that I could ever have sat for three weeks straight without a lot of help.

There have been times when I've broken the rules and done things like paint a few panels in my basement, made a shake in the kitchen, organized a closet or done a load of laundry. But my little sister has been here keeping my house clean, entertaining Frances, and entertaining me. She is wonderful and I am so sad that she is leaving in two days.

Three weeks still pregnant is probably about six weeks in the NICU and I just can't express enough how grateful I am that I've made it this far. If I can just do three more weeks then there's a great chance that this little one won't see the inside of a NICU--at all!

I just want to be able to hold my baby this time. I want him to leave the hospital the same day I do. The goal due date is August 22, three and a half weeks from today when I will be 36 weeks. It can be done!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Listmania 3

List Update!!!

  1. Paint paneling in basement playroom. Serious progress made (almost one wall), one window frame finished.
  2. Decorate basement bathroom. Done!
  3. Put all the junk cluttering up my basement on Craigslist. 
    1. 2 dressers
    2. table
    3. futon
    4. changing table
    5. coffee table
    6. child sized table
    7. stroller
    8. Christmas tree
    9.  rocking chair
  4. Grout tile in basement shower. Serious progress made (totally cleaned and ready for repair)
  5. Clean grout in kitchen tile backsplash.
  6. Start (and finish) baby quilt. Brainstorming ideas for pattern.
  7. Read my books. Finished Anne of Green Gables! and 5 Solutions  by Linda and Richard Eyre

Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's Better to be Nice

While I was reading a wonderful talk by Henry B. Eyring, in which he addresses the women in my Church, I thought about being nice. He said,

"He [God] expects you to treat every person you meet as a child of God. That is the reason He commands us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves and to forgive them. Your feelings of kindness and forgiveness toward others come as your divine inheritance from Him as His daughter. Each person you meet is His loved spiritual child."

Even meanie pants people we don't like.

But I was thinking about what it would feel like to approach the people I don't like with a warm smile and a kind greeting. Sincerely. I'd bet it would be pretty disarming.

The other thing about that though, is the concept of thinking about those people with a warm smile and a kind greeting in my thoughts. It would be incredibly hard to hold a grudge or stay upset at someone to whom I have kind thoughts.

And that is what is more important. I only have a small amount of influence over how others think about me, but I have all the control over what I think of them. I'm going to give it a try.

Thinking nice thoughts feels better than thinking angry ones, and I would rather feel good.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Men Are that They Might Have Joy

I just finished listening to an excellent talk by Marcos A. Aidukaitis that he gave in April about asking God for answers to our questions. Aside from loving his awesome Greek accent, I loved his enthusiasm.

When I forget to pray one day, or to spend some time reading in the Bible or Book of Mormon, sometimes I get frustrated with myself and then avoid praying or reading for a couple days. Whenever I get up the courage to just pray again and remember that God isn't up there keeping score of how often I pray or read His word, I feel so much better.

As I was listening to Elder Aidukaitis, I was reminded of how happy having a continuing relationship with God makes me. When I do take the time to enjoy, revel in, feast on the words of God and His prophets, I really do feel so happy. God really does want us to feel joy in this life and just reaching out to him each day magnifies that joy exponentially.

Occasionally, I get really sad. A deep dislike of myself and a desire to escape from myself and what I am going through can make me feel physically and spiritually defeated. There are a few things that help me through those times.

  1. My babies. Whenever I feel horrible about myself I think of sweet Frances and how much she loves me. She sees someone worthwhile whenever she looks at me. This is how God sees me. This is who I really am. 
  2. My husband. He never gives up on me and often tells me who and what he sees in me. Yesterday, I scrubbed my toaster oven. I was so thrilled with how clean I had made it and when Mr. P came home I told him I needed to have some party time about the cleanliness of the toaster oven. It brought such a thrill to my heart when he did a little dance and shouted for joy about how clean that little toaster oven was. Things like that just help me feel so sure that he loves me and if he loves me, I can do anything.
  3. The hard things I have overcome. I've written before about feeling embarrassed about the past and having hurt feelings over things long over. But when I step away and realize that I have triumphed over those circumstances, it reminds me that I can do very hard things. That with God, I am a better person than I was then--whether that's 10 years ago or just 10 days ago.
I think everyone has hard times, when their view of themselves is distorted and they forget who they are. To anyone who may feel like that right now, I want to share a thought I had a couple weeks ago.

A friend of mine who I grew up with recently committed a terrible crime, widely covered in the news, local to where it occurred. In the comments section many people posted their opinion of what should be done to her, disparaging her worth, her family and everything about her, without knowing any more about her than the worst thing she has ever done.

Jesus Christ sees the worst things we have ever done. But He also sees every tiny little good thing too. Despite the worst things, He died for us. All of us. The smart, the dumb, the rich, the poor, the serial criminal and the serial volunteer. 

He knew us before we were born and sees the part of us that was created by God. He loves us. He invites everyone, no matter where we have been or what we have done to come back to Him. He is always reaching out to us because His love is pure love. I know that. I know that He loves me and I want to return to Him. He wants you too.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Listmania 2

List Update!!!

  1. Paint paneling in basement playroom. Serious progress made (almost one wall)
  2. Decorate basement bathroom. Done!
  3. Have a yard sale for all the junk cluttering up my basement. 2 dressers, 1 table, 1 futon gone!
    1. Still have: changing table, coffee table, child sized table, stroller, Christmas tree & rocking chair. 
  4. Grout tile in basement shower. Serious progress made (totally cleaned and ready for repair)
  5. Clean grout in kitchen tile backsplash.
  6. Start (and finish) baby quilt.
  7. Read my books. Finished Anne of Green Gables!
Tomorrow is Sunday and I am looking forward to a nice personal devotional while my sister, husband and Frances head off to Church. I was so grateful last Sunday to my Bishop for not only coming to give me the Sacrament, but for staying and chatting with me for over an hour. It was very kind of him. 

While I've been hanging out at home so many of my friends have stopped by to visit and to bring meals so my sister doesn't have to be the slave every day. All of them have been friends from Church. It is a wonderful reminder of God's love and that He uses those who are willing to serve Him to serve me. 

Thank you, everyone. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I've made a few lists of things I want to do either before this baby pops out of me or just sometime in the near future. I was very lucky to have completed a couple major projects before my labor started a week and a half ago. These were:

  1. Quilts for our foster kids' birthdays. 
  2. Installed hood over stove top.
  3. Painted Frances' rocking chair and doll house chairs from Grandpa.
  4. Cleaned and rearranged kitchen cabinets.

My unfinished projects include:

  1. Paint paneling in basement playroom.
  2. Decorate basement bathroom.
  3. Have a yard sale for all the junk cluttering up my basement.
  4. Grout tile in basement shower.
  5. Clean grout in kitchen tile backsplash.
  6. Start (and finish) baby quilt.
  7. Read my books.
My books:

  1. There are 58 of them. You really don't want to know....