Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Who Are You?

Today I experienced a wonderful change in my wonderful girl, Natalie. She got into a fair bit of trouble with me for something she did at school and she took it pretty hard. After school she still hadn't changed her attitude from feeling sorry for herself to feeling sorry for what she did.

I took her to my room and got talking about how she felt about the whole thing. When I just didn't know what to say because it didn't seem like we were getting anywhere I said, "Do you believe that you are a good person?" "No," she said, "because I'm ugly."

I was stunned. What did that have to do with anything?! I searched for the right thing to say and finally said, "Who are you?"

No answer.

"Who are you?"


"You are a daughter of your Heavenly Father, who loves you!"

After that, it all fell into place. She just lit up with goodness and a sense of her own worth. There is power in the truth that we are children of a divine being who truly knows and loves each of us. He knew us before we came to this earth and He knows us now. He is constantly reaching out to us and anxiously awaiting our return to Him, be it through prayer, repentance, or simply seeking to know who He is.

What we do and certainly, how we look, have no bearing on who we are. We cannot change that, we can only separate ourselves from the God who made us. But no separation can terminate our relationship with Him. We are always His children. We cannot break that bond. I love Him and I am grateful for His love and patience with me as I learn that truth over and over again.

I am grateful for a Savior who died for me, so that I can walk the path back to my Father in Heaven. No transgression of mine can ever trump the power of that sacrifice. His grace is always greater than my sin. There are no hopeless causes. Every person is of worth to Him. We are all worth saving.


  1. Karyann, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am so impressed with the woman that you have become. This story is beautiful. It illustrates the power of knowing our devine nature. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love this, thanks for sharing. I think we all need this reminder, especially as women who are so critical about ourselves.